A Community of Caring

Destiny Search Project primary¬†focus is that of the¬†organization of search operations. however, that is just one of the services that we provide. In this article, we will look a bit at how our Social Media service has empowered a community to go way above and beyond anything we had ever imagined. Social Media was a […]

Who and When do we Help?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where dozens of people go missing every day. While we at Destiny Search Project wish we could help all of them it’s just not realistic. Not only is it a matter of how many potential cases there could be but also types of situations. As such we have developed […]

Virtual Support Team

Destiny Search Project – Virtual Support Team We are very excited and pleased to announce the development of our “Virtual Support Team (VST)” This team will be a group of on-call volunteers from around the country that are ready to activate when a search is started by the Destiny Search Project. The VST will help […]