The CPR Analogy

As we begin the process of reaching out to Law Enforcement to partner as part of our Search Ready Communities program we have come across some push back. Agencies are rightly concerned about using untrained or skilled volunteers directly from spontaneous community members. Many of their concerns are justified and part of using a service such […]

A Special Week to Remember

Last week was one of those that we will remember for a long time. It began on Monday with our trip to the Oregon State Sheriffs Association in Bend, Oregon. months ago when we first learned of the conference we knew it was something that we wanted to attend. we had been planning to start […]

A Community of Caring

Destiny Search Project primary focus is that of the organization of search operations. however, that is just one of the services that we provide. In this article, we will look a bit at how our Social Media service has empowered a community to go way above and beyond anything we had ever imagined. Social Media was a […]

Search Ready Communities

A big part of the Destiny Search Project long term plans is to become less reactive and become more proactive. As such we are really excited to announce or new “Search Ready Communities.” This certification will be a partnership between three organizations and agencies to have the ability to activate and use our search process […]