Self Directed Search Operations

Today marks an important step for Destiny Search Project. Starting now; Anyone anywhere at any time can launch a full Community Based Search Operation based on our system. We already have had all of the pieces in place and could train people on site in just a few hours but starting today you can implement the full system on your own without our assistance. 

How does this work? Through a partnership with AirTable, we have been able to add our database that is used in the system to their upcoming “Universe” platform. By accessing the AirTable base through the Universe platform you will be able to use our database as a template to start your own search operation. You will no longer have to contact us in advance to get the system set up for you or meet our internal activation criteria.  You can access the template by clicking the below link or view the Self-Directed Search Operations page in our Operations Manual. 

AirTable Universe – Self Directed Missing Person Search

Have a search for someone missing from months or years ago? Feel free to run your own search. Assisting with a “cold case” You can launch a search. Have an active community that wants to search for a missing pet? you could do it with our tools. It’s up to you to go through our operations manual to understand fully how the system works and to get volunteers but the system is now there at your disposal.

Don’t worry though our current services and operations are still all available. this includes creating fliers, social media, family support, Virtual Support Team. We also are still in the process of finding organizations and communities for our Search Ready Partner and Search Ready Communities programs. We can also provide technical support to anyone using the system for their own search. We still can provide full support and administration to any search operation that meets our internal criteria by using our activation page. 

For those that want to start their own search, you can use our Operations Manual, Quick Start, and Self-Directed Operations page. We would ask to let us know about your search and we will be happy to assist in any way possible.  

We look forward to seeing what you the community will do with this new part of the system. We hope it will allow groups to come together and find missing loved ones nationwide quickly.