Oh, the places you’ll go…

Last week was a very powerful one. On Thursday we joined along with many others to celebrate the life of Kaylee Sayer who we had assisted in the search for and provide social media services. It would be to mark her birthday. Something very special and amazing had happened though leading up to this special day. After Kaylee’s tragic loss many friends and family came together forming a foundation in her honor and memory called the KK Readers. This foundation would help to bring reading to the homes of children that may otherwise not have that chance.

Kaylee shared her birthday with Dr. Seuss and had a love for reading. Her grandmother has shared a list of hundreds of books read in her childhood. So with that in mind, the KK Readers set out to collect books over the last few months. They choose to get “Oh, the places you’ll go!” which was one of her favorites. In time for Kaylee’s birthday, they had gotten over 500 which would be taken to local head start schools and given to children. The day also included read-a-longs and dress up pajama parties. Seeing photos and videos from that day from various school and other families that join in their own way was inspiring.

With that being said this week we wanted to put together a bit of a reminder that tells “Oh, the places you’ll go!” as far as the Destiny Search Project. Rather than get into details of each of the plans, ideas, and programs we will touch on them briefly with links to our blog articles from the last several months. Before we get to that I want to share a personal quote that in a single line outlines our ultimate goal in the next five to ten years.

We will become the “Red Cross” of missing persons

That is what we are working towards. the full concept is best outlined in our article “The Year is 2026” which gives a vision of one of the ways that we might function in ten years. one of our next blogs introduced our “Search Ready Communities” program where local groups and organizations will team with Law Enforcement can be prepared if a person goes missing in their own communities. We later added the “Search Ready Partners” for getting started before the Law enforcement piece is in place.

We also had a few blogs that discussed our internal planning such as our “2016 Strategic Plan” and a few about our “Virtual Support Team” where we explain how you at home can help in a missing person search as part of our team. We are still looking for new members and you can join with the form on the page. We also presented our “Guide to Missing Person Fliers” and an article addressing concerns over using community-based volunteers called “The CPR Analogy” 

We have several other articles covering various activities and stories about the Destiny Search Project. We also have many things going on behind the scenes working to our goal. We encourage you to take a look and read our articles and other pages. Also, if you have any questions you can always drop a message on our contact form, Facebook, or join our Discord server. 

We look forward to seeing the places we will go in the future.