A Guide to Missing Person Fliers

One of the first things done when someone is missing after law enforcement has been notified is getting a missing person flier or poster created. This week we will discuss some aspects of doing fliers, do’s and don’t, and some thoughts on fliers for both printing for distribution, and online use. 

To begin with have a look at this infographic that we have created, followed by a more in-depth description of the points made:

So let’s start with the Do’s;  We recommend a bold contrasting header as it will draw attention when posted in public places. Most people will at least take a look to see what it is and see the information. The next couple points are in regards to having full and complete information. There have been many times I have come across Missing Posters without date or Locations and you have no idea if it’s something recent or nearby. We point out that the information block should be brief. people need to know just the most vital information from the poster. Next, we always advise using the Law Enforcement phone number. Lastly make sure your poster will look good in color, or black and white. Many times it’s much more cost-effective to print without color. 

Next, let us go over some of the Don’ts; Similar to checking on color and black and white you want to avoid gradients, designs, patterns, overlays or other embellishments to the poster that can degrade in printing. The next two are both for personal privacy and safety, never us your own of family phone numbers as the contact point and avoid using a younger child’s last name unless Law enforcement has made it public, Lastly once again please remember to include dates and locations. 

A couple of final thoughts not covered in the infographic; Print on standard 8.5″x11″ letter paper as its cheapest available. Lastly is that most of the are on printed fliers and not for online versions though we recommend using a version that can be printed even if used online. 

That should cover it. Also remember that Destiny search Project can provide you a flier quickly if needed just message us on our Facebook page.