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in 2016 we announced the Search Ready Communities program. The goal is to create a three-way partnership in communities nationwide to be prepared to respond when someone goes missing. A key part of this partnership is that of an organization such as a school, civic group, business or others to be trained and ready to deploy the Destiny Search Project system when needed. Today we are pleased to announce the first step in that program which is our Search Ready Partners. 

With the ultimate goal being to create fully Search Ready Communities this program aims to work with organizations on the functional aspects of a missing person search. Because every community nationwide is different from each other we have designed our services and programs to be versatile. in our Search Ready Partners program, it is not up to us to decide what organization is best suited in your community it is up to a group that meets our requirements and is willing to be ready to help when needed. In some instances, this may be a civic organization, club, church, school, business or other groups of individuals in that community.  One thought we have had is working with senior or scout age groups that typically may not be going out on actual searches but could serve at the search center.

So other than a willing group of volunteers what is needed to become a Search Ready Partner?  One of the first needs is that we would prefer a group that can provide a facility for a search center.  The facility would be capable of serving up to 100 volunteers at a time, include restroom, areas for operations, and have WiFi high-speed internet access. There are some exceptions such as working with a different property to provide the facilities. In a rare case, we may still be able to partner with a group that does not have a location preselected but will address a plan to how they will respond. 

The next item a group needs is several members that will need to take a training. It is recommended to train 10-20 persons as this will provide multiple people to be ready should a search operation be needed. In our Partners program, the volunteers would not be the only ones working on the administrative side of the operations but they would be able to provide training to volunteers from the community. Volunteers from the organization each would learn all aspects of our process and system but would most likely each find a niche to specialize in. 

After a group is determined to be a good fit for the program a training will be scheduled. The training in almost all cases will take place online with a video chat. When possible and depending on location we may be able to work out in-person training. The training will take between 3-4 hours generally as it is more in-depth than that when activating a search. It will cover all parts of the operations, how to use the systems, process, and then also include working with your local Law Enforcement to hopefully become a Search Ready Community.

Of course, the entire purpose of these programs is to be prepared to respond before the need exists. By being trained in advance it could save several hours when a search is needed. When someone is missing every second count so being able to have a group of readily trained persons will greatly benefit the community.

If you would like more information, are a member of or represent a possible partner organization please feel free to drop us a message and we will work with you on getting started in being prepared to respond when someone goes missing. 

Last Modified on January 22, 2017
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