2017 Strategic Plan

As we begin 2017 our staff has been busy preparing a Strategic Plan to present at out January Board of Directors meeting. The goal of the plan is to give the board the vision of what our goals and plans for the year will be.  In thinking about the Strategic Plan we look at how it will work towards our long-term vision as outlined in our The Year is 2016 blog.  we will use the plan in guiding us throughout the year in our priorities and development.  The following is the list of our 2017 Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan does not address in-depth details in how each objective will be accomplished but the overall goal. The staff and volunteers will work on developing the action plans to complete each goal. Following the bullet points we will address a few of the items in a bit more detail.

  • Prepare to attend more conferences and give presentations in the future
  • Work to push the Search Ready Communities plan forward and create the first three
    • Initiate contact with agencies that have had volunteer based searches
    • Work with community Organizations to become Search Ready Partners
  • Training programs for volunteers, spontaneous support, and on-location staff
    • Video
    • Meetings; Set one for each VST every month
    • Real World Drill with SRC and VST
  • Continue working on System Development
  • Leadership training to ready volunteer staff for roles as case managers, operations support, and others
  • Work on a Budget
  • Assist with at least one case a month and three search operations 

The first item on our list is to prepare for conferences and presentations. The goal with this is to have a base presentation that cam be given in many situations weather Law Enforcement, Community Organizations, Cities, and others to give a full overview of our background, services, who we are, what we do, how, and why. The base presentation will be adapted to fit the needs of each meeting. 

The second item is one of our priorities and that is further development of the Search Ready Communities program. This year we will actively be contacting agencies and organizations about the program. A new part will be the development of the Search Ready Partners program which is a Community Organization that will take the training and be ready when needed when needed. 

The next goal listed is that of training. The plan is to fully develop a training program that works for our three main training needs. these are that of training Virtual Support Team members, Search Ready Partners, and a search coordinator for an active search when needed.  The objective is to have a training that is consistent and covers all of the operations. 

The System Development goals are to work on continued refinement of our overall plan and the tools used. We already have the newest version which is 3.5 ready for official release this month. Later this year we are looking to have a much larger update to the 4.0 version which will have several new capabilities to our operations.

The final three should be self-explanatory and not need any discussion at this point. 

We look forward to 2017 and the continued growth, development, and operations of the Destiny search Project

Last Modified on January 3, 2017
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