What’s in a Name?

This week we wanted to do something just a bit different. In this blog, we want to give a bit of insight into our name, slogan, and our logo. It is important to us as it is a part of our core mission and values.  We also want to give an idea to our followers that a lot of thought goes into every detail about Destiny Search Project.

So to begin let’s break down our name “Destiny Search Project.” For those that have read our history. the first meaning is very clear and apparent. We were founded after the search for Destiny Norton and her parents agreed to let us honor her in our name. It represents more than just her name though but our mission to help bring loved ones home no matter the final outcome. It is with her name we are reminded of our core goal of every mission and operations development we do.

Of course “Destiny” has another meaning beyond just a name. Destiny is defined as “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future” and we look at this both from the side of our operations but also of any missing person. We may not know the outcome of any case when we take it on but we strive to be part of the destiny of its resolution. 

Next, we will look at our slogan “You’re never so lost that angels can’t find you” and once again there are several meaning and backgrounds to this statement. We look at this with two perspectives. The first being most important; Volunteers. Whether it is community members as part of search teams, staffing search center, doing virtual support operations, or our core staff they all are indeed Angels. 

We do also understand that sometimes angels are suited for those with a higher belief and may be sent to guide the missing loved one back home and to return to their family. In the worst case scenario, our hope is that those angels will comfort the missing person and their family.

Lastly, we want to tell you about our logo. It may appear somewhat simple with no colors and be only a silhouette. Now take a closer look at the logo; Notice something when you look deeply at it? That’s right. None of the persons is distinguishable No color, we never look at a race, religion, gender, or other social classifications. The image depicts those that could be anyone. We find that to be very important as we never discriminate. 

We hope that you found this look into who we are interesting. We put a lot of thought into every detail of what we do. Hours are spent planning, adapting, and working on our system and operations plan. Until next time, be safe.