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A big part of the Destiny Search Project long term plans is to become less reactive and become more proactive. As such we are really excited to announce or new “Search Ready Communities.” This certification will be a partnership between three organizations and agencies to have the ability to activate and use our search process in less than an hour.

The partnership will be between the Destiny Search Project, a local Law Enforcement agency, and a community organization. Each of these groups will bring valuable pieces together to allow for the rapid deployment of community-based volunteers when a search is needed.

Destiny Search Project will provide our system of tools and services and the training beforehand to use them. We will work to ensure that Search Ready Communities have the ability to use our most up to date processes in s search operation. We also will work with the network to provide our other services as needed.

The second leg of this project is that of local Law Enforcement on a City or County level. The Law Enforcement agency will have the ability to activate the volunteers as needed for a missing person. Once operational they will be provided access to the operations database in real time for monitoring of the search.

The final leg in Search Ready Communities is that of an organization such as a local church, college, school, or other organization with facilities for a search center location and staff that can be trained in advance to use the system. These organizations will provide a location that can be used for the search command post and they will have staff that receives the training from Destiny Search Project. In many cases, they also are able to use its own members to provide a pool of volunteer searchers.

Once a community has agreements in place representing each of the three organizations they will receive the Search Ready Community designation. This will identify that a community is committed to helping find a missing person using its community members serving as volunteer searchers. Having this in place will allow for rapid deployment of volunteers into the field in only an hour.

So how will it work? The first step is to find communities willing to participate in the program. Generally, this will be done by Destiny Search Project first partnering with and organization, or Law Enforcement agency. Once one of these agreements are formed then Destiny Search Project and the partner agencies will actively work to connect with the third piece.

The second phase is for Destiny Search Project to provide the training to the responsible staff that will respond as search center volunteers. This will comprise mostly members of the community organization but may also include those from Law Enforcement and possibly the community.

The final phase is that of response when needed. The Law Enforcement agency would notify both Destiny Search Project and the volunteer staff from the community organization. As soon as activated they will begin preparing the search center to receive volunteer searchers in about an hour. Law Enforcement will be given access to the database providing them the ability to in real time monitor all operations.

We are very excited by this concept of empowering community partnerships that can be ready to use community-based volunteers when a rapid search operation is needed. We hope to work with communities in the upcoming months to get our first Search Ready Communities formed and trained.

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