Virtual Support Team

Destiny Search Project – Virtual Support Team

We are very excited and pleased to announce the development of our “Virtual Support Team (VST)” This team will be a group of on-call volunteers from around the country that are ready to activate when a search is started by the Destiny Search Project. The VST will help support the on-site operations by providing remote assistance in several different functions. These include Mapping, Social Media, Logistics, and Communications. Each of these is detailed in the sections below. 

We are looking for those that are dedicated, willing to help, and have at least some general experience in the support function of their interest. We will provide training for the role you will be assisting with and all of the tools or services we use are available free.  

Social Media

All of our Staff and VST Volunteers will need to use Discord which is a free cloud-based communications platform.  Discord is available via a website interface, apps for most cell phones, and downloadable software on computers. We already have our Destiny Search Project server up and available to the public so feel free to click the logo and drop in and say hello, or ask us any questions that you may have:

Discord - Destiny Search Project Server
Discord – Destiny Search Project Server

If you are intersted in becoming a Destiny Search Project – Virtual Support Team member please complete the following application and we will contact you soon. Thank you for your support and interest.

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