Self-Directed Search

Self-Directed Search Operations

Though Destiny Search Project offers a variety of services and can manage search operations nationwide we also want to provide the opportunity for communities, families, or other organizations to launch their own community-based search operations. The primary goal is that anyone, anywhere, at any time can launch an organized search for a missing person in only a couple of hours. 

To launch your own community based self-directed search you will need to complete a few items to get started. Once these steps are completed then you can use the rest of this Operations Manual to learn and understand how the tools and system works. Of course, if you have questions, need assistance, or would like to request Virtual Support Team to help you can contact us through the contact page, our Facebook, or connecting to Discord


One of the first tings you may want to do is create a missing person flier. To create a flier we recommend using an online site such as Canva that can be used right in your web browser. We also have a Guide on Missing Person Fliers that has some valuable tips, do’s and don’t. 


We use for our mapping as it is free and has features needed to work effectively with the system. To create a map open SarTopo and login using a Google or Yahoo account. You then will want to get the map zoomed to show the area where the search where will be located. At this point, you can “Save” the map with the option in the top menu. this will open a dialog to give the map a name, and also the option to share as “viewable with URL” You also should add a password to allow others to edit the map as needed. Once the map is created refer to the Mapping section of the manual for detailed information. 

Operations Database

The heart of our operations plan and system is the use of AirTable which provides an online real-time collaborative database. You will need to set up a copy of the database using a template we have provided through a partnership with AirTable and its Universe platform. Once you have the database setup you can then work through the rest of the manual for details on using the system.

To begin you will want to open the Missing Person Operations template. This page gives a very basic overview of what the database is. You will want to click on “Copy Base” you will be prompted to login or create an AirTable account. You now have everything set up to use our system and run your own search. you will need to read the rest of the manual carefully to understand how the database, mapping, and operations work. 

AirTable Universe – Destiny Search Project Self Directed Operations


Though we now have the tools for anyone, anywhere, at any time to launch their own search you are not in this alone. our staff is available to assist, answer questions, and if needed provide our Virtual Support Team to help in operations. We also still provide all of our other services including family support, Law Enforcement services, Traning, Social Media and more. Please feel free to drop into our Discord chat server, drop us a Facebook message, or send an email through our contact page. 

We do also ask that if you use our tool and plan to let us know! We want to hear amazing stories of how communities come together and help to bring loved ones home and reunite them with their families.