Records & Archives

Records and Archiving

The free version of Airtable™ will only allow a total of 1200 total rows in a complete database. This should cover roughly 800 volunteers, and 100 each of Maps and Teams. This leaves some extra for some things that could affect the numbers. Unless you are conducting a very large search this will likely easily cover operations for a single day. If you have more than that in a day you should determine when to complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that all teams have been closed out, marked as returned, and debriefed
  2. Make note of any maps that were not used, or need reassignment
  3. In the very top of the tables next to the name click on the drop down and select “duplicate base” you will need to make sure that “duplicate records” is unchecked. If left checked you will not have an empty database to start the next day with. When you select Okay you will be taken to your main Airtable page.
  4. Reselect your current operational base.
  5. Select any map entries that were unused or need reassignment, Copy them (ctrl+c in windows)
  6. Select home in the upper left to return to the main Airtable page
  7. Enter the new database and paste (cntrl+v in windows) the map entries into the mapping table.
  8. You will need to change the numbers to identify the new day (02-01, 02-02….)
  9. Select the main database name and change it to identify the day in some way (Joe Turner Search – 02)
  10. Return to the database from today and in each table make sure to be on the view all and then select “Download csv”. Save the files somewhere safe for possible future needs.
  11. (Optionally) You can also print each table or print as pdf to be emailed to appropriate agencies that you may be working with.

You now have a version of the day’s activities saved online, on your computer, and possibly printed. The new database is empty (other than any maps you transferred over)and you are ready to start a new day if needed.