Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

This is a very brief overview that can be used as a refresher on the system when setting up a search center. You would need to already have an understanding of the DSP System and have the tools ready to be used. This quick start also will identify the preferred staff, computer and resources that would be used in the initial 12-24 hours of a search and not just the minimums as outlined in the main manual.

1. Locate a facility to be the Search Center

  1. Have room for up to 100 volunteers, and parking
  2. Power, Internet, Cell service available at the location.
  3. Three distinct areas where registration, mapping, and briefings can take place. A separate volunteer holding area is also nice but can be where registration is located.
  4. Restrooms for volunteers

2. Computer, Printer and Software

  1. Recommend at least three computers or laptops. One each for Registration, Mapping, Assignments, and Briefings. If possible to have a fourth computer right away use it to split Assignments and Briefings. The more volunteers the more computers you will want to help process registrations and mapping,
  2. Access to SARTop or another mapping site.
  3. A copy of Destiny Search Project System on Airtable. If you have not been granted access, you’ll need to complete the request form. It may take 24-48 hours to get a response.

3. Registration

a. Be ready to register volunteers
b. Should have 1-3 staff assigned to work the registration area
c. Remember to verify information and ID

4. Mapping

a. Set up your  map with a layer with Key Points and another layer for map entries.
b. Add maps into the DSP System
c. Assign Maps to new team entries to be tasked to volunteers
d. Create reassignment maps as needed for Incomplete Maps

5. Briefings

a. Be sure that every volunteer receives a daily briefing
b. Have a poster of the missing person and fliers available
c. Mark off volunteers as briefed once completed.

6. Assigning Teams

a. Add volunteers to teams that have maps assigned
b. Be sure to have a Team Leader who has a working cell phone
c. Once assigned give a team briefing and mark them as dispatched.

7. Debriefing

a. Get information about anything that was suspicious or out of place
b. If the area was not completed be sure to select incomplete map and comment details for the mapping team to reassign
c. Mark the team as briefed this will show all the team members as available,

8. Records and Archiving

a. Create copy of database
b. Copy any unused maps to new database
c. Export and save cs of each table of old database