Manual Introduction


The original Destiny Search Project was formed in 2006 after the disappearance and search for missing Destiny Norton in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2008, the group was organized into a Non-Profit  and operated for several years. This included searches for Camille Cleverley, Hser Ner Moo, Susan Powell and others. Unfortunately with the departure of some of the board of directors operations came to a close. For some time, it was hoped to bring back the project and improve upon it, and make it available nationwide. At one time an open source software project was even started but it also ended when the primary operations had been ended.

Now several years later, and with new technology and online tools available the hope that Destiny Search Project could allow for community volunteer based organized searches for missing person can now be realized. The goal of this new project is to make a system available so that anyone, anywhere can launch a community-based volunteer search in a matter of only a few hours. While the concepts, system, and tools are easy to use and learn in an emergent situation, you should familiarize yourself with them well before they are needed. It is also highly recommended to work with local law enforcement, churches, and other community organizations and members to have a plan to activate in place in case it is ever needed. There will be more information on that in this operations manual.

This operations manual is a guide that can get a search center up and running with many of the key components in a few hours or less. Many parts of this plan me be adapted because every search is different, every organization has different methods and ways of doing things. This is another reason why pre-planning for a search is a valuable investment in time.