Advanced Techniques

Advanced Tips and Tricks

There are many different ways to use the system and each search will be different. In this section will be a few advanced tips and tricks that you may find useful in running your DSP2.0 system based search.

Team Collaboration and Notification

The real power of this system is the ability of multiple computers working on registration, mapping, and the other aspects of the search to do this all in real time within one system. This is all made possible by the Airtable platform. Before some specific use cases you should read the Airtable “Collaborating with a Team Guide”

Sharing Bases / Teams
I would recommend setting up a team on Airtable for each search that you become involved with. This way you can keep everything together in one place. Once you have a specific team created for the search make a copy of the DSP2..0 template and move it to that team. Name it based on something that will identify the search “Jon Myers – Day 1”

You now have a database ready to got for the search. Now to add team member just get an email address of someone that will be working as staff or whoever you may be using other computers from. You should at least have a login for Registration, Mapping, and Assignments but can add as many as needed. Remember to revoke access from anyone that is no longer part of the staff.

As shown on the Airtable page one great feature is seeing in real-time the other users that are working in the database at any given time.

Mentions / Notifications
One reason you want to have an account for each position is the notifications ability. By using the @ Symbol while commenting within any record the user will get a notice right in Airtable. Be aware that comments are not part of the permanent record and only are available for 2 weeks

.@Mapping – Map 02-12 needs to be assigned again, they did not get the north side of the creek.

Sending Record as Email
What if there was a way we could save even more paper than the new system already has? We may be in luck! With the ability to email a record you could send the map and team info right to a team leader if they have a cell phone with email available on it.

1. Open the team record entry
2. Select the small drop-down arrow and the “send record’ and add in the email
3. Do the same with the map entry.
4. The team leader can now pull both record up right from the phone

Remote Mapping
Since this whole system is online based there is a way you can have virtual support in a limited way. By giving someone access to the database that is not actually on location they could work on the mapping part of the process remotely. If you do use this method you should make sure that someone on-site also is keeping track of mapping and able to answer any questions as needed. Since all of the other positions need to speak to volunteers and verify information mapping is the only position that can be done in this way. As part of Destiny Search Project services we also have a Virtual Support Team that could be used in remote mapping