Without those that came before us we would not be where we are today. We would like to pay a special tribute to a few of the original founders of Destiny Search Project. It was through their guidance, dedication, support, and just being there that we were able to learn so much and be where we are today.

Wendy Mis Olsen; You left us too soon. Without you being my rock I am not sure that this dream would have ever gotten off of the ground. Your dedication to Destiny Search Project and dozens of other nonprofits you helped with was amazing. Though you have left us here we know that you are looking over us and with the angels.

Ernie Tyrone West; My lifelong friend and cohort. You never questioned how this would work or if it could happen, or anything else. You had my back and now and then had to set me straight at times. There were many nights as the original Destiny Search Project was coming together you were a sounding board and helped in many ways. Thank you for always being supportive and making this dream a reality.

Kevin Goms; If there were anyone I would want to help lead a search team it would be you. You were there every day searching for Destiny and were ready to assist in whatever way you were asked. We are so pleased to know that you went into Law Enforcement and serve the public now every day. 

The Families; To the families that have had to live through the living nightmare of having a missing loved one. You all have shown more strength than anyone I have ever known. Your courage to come and help us with other searches has been remarkable. You have been the inspiration that drives us each day. 

Destiny’s Family and Friends; You all started with not even a dozen “street kids” looking for a missing angel. Over those days that search grew to thousands. It was that search that inspired the creation of Destiny Search Project. Destiny, your legacy will live on and we will honor your memory every day in what we do.