Elise Distler

eliseHello, My name is Elise Distler.  I am the Vice President and Director of Social Media and Family Communication. In my personal life, I am a mother to a very talented and amazing little girl, a wife to my loving lifetime partner. I am very committed to family life and enjoy providing for & supporting those close to my heart.

Professionally,  I provide support services to people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other physical and mental disabilities, with a focus on improving the quality of life for both the individual and their family. Eventually, my goal is to become a Registered Nurse. I also assist the Destiny Search Project  with missing person cases.

My work with Damon Talbot and Destiny Search Project has been personally rewarding & challenging.  I take each and every case to heart and strive to make sure that the family’s pain and struggle will not be faced alone. To me, family is the most important thing a person can have, so providing support and helping to bring a missing loved one home is a personal commitment!

You’re never so lost that Angels can’t find you!