Damon Talbot

I am Damon Talbot, President and Director of Operations for the Destiny Search Project. With 10 years of experience in missing persons, I have learned many techniques, systems, and related items in performing a community-based volunteer search operation. I also have had direct assistance in our systems development in the past from a variety of agencies and organizations.

In my personal life, I have always been a volunteer and committed to community service. In years past I have been a Disaster Action Team and Shelter Coordinator with the American Red Cross. I am an Amateur Radio Operator (KC7NEC) and have been a member of both RACES and ARES providing emergency and event communications support when needed.Damon-Headshot

I currently along with working to bring Destiny Search Project back into reality and nationwide also work in my local community on a number of projects. I also am a volunteer member of Humanity Road which provides Emergency and Event Social Media Monitoring and Digital Disaster Response worldwide.
My father would tell me “if you made a dollar for every hour you volunteered you would be a millionaire” So in order to pay the bills I do some social media consulting to small local businesses, help in the community as cheap labor, and help with jobs that may come along my way as needed and available.

I am very excited to see Destiny Search Project become a go-to community-based volunteer search method nationwide in the future. When someone goes missing every single minute counts. The more eyes that can be on the lookout through seeing a flier or poster, or those out on the ground searching can make a difference and bring people home and back with their families.